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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Turkish Food Without the Tea

Here we go with a last blog before work starts again.  Unfortunately all good things (holiday in this instance) must come to an end, however, that allows new good things to begin (that thing that I call work, so that means a day of ignoring the phone, drinking coffee and catching up with my colleagues.

I spent a good chunk of the 29th preparing Turkish snacks for when my Turkish Tea Pot arrives, so everything was kept in the freezer, ready for baking, thawing and serving.  As my pot still hasn't arrived, I decided to serve the snacks with coffee when our friends, Zumba and her husband Cum Bubble, came over for a long overdue visit.

Originally, the baklava from Baklava and Gezelligheid was made to serve with the tea, but with the pot not arriving, and baklava not having a long shelf life, I decided to serve it last week.  I still had Borek and Mozaik Pasta in the freezer.  I honestly won't be posting a recipe for the Borek as it is any type of filling wrapped in Phyllo triangles, brushed with egg yolk, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and baked in the oven.  The Mozaik Pasta however I will post.   The original, and my modifications on the recipe.

The other item I made fresh for today is Lokma.  Here is the original recipe and here is my interpretation of it.  I made the dough before leaving the house this morning, and the syrup was in the fridge, prepared earlier in the week.  I will state, when making the dough, please save yourself the hassles and just mix it in a small bowl with a whisk.  From the recipe, I thought it was one of those dough types that need to be kneaded with a dough hook.

Having half an hour left, I was rushing against time before Zumba and Cum Bubble's arrival, so mine weren't shaped as perfectly as the images on the original site's. Thank the gods for a gas hob as it heats up the oil in record time.  On that note, has anyone ever deep fried in a wok?  OMG, it is the best.  Keep your specially made deep fryers with all the fancy settings.  Just give me a bottle of sunflower oil and a wok and I'm happy, as long as it's a gas hob.

I had brilliant feedback from the guests, and with quite the spread I'm sure you can imagine why.  Even though a Cappuccino isn't exactly Turkish (yes I know it's French / Italian / Whatever whomever want's to claim they invented it) but it goes damn well down with these snacks.  And a shot of whiskey goes even better afterwards as a digestive.


  1. Everything was decident, but that Borek...OMG! YUM!!!

  2. Every bite was sheer heaven not often you go around to someone for tea and literally sit down for 'tea' and with treats that were in one word amazing. Thank you for the wonderful afternoon!

  3. Amazing! I'm loving it